English and French Language Clubs

English Conversation Club

❓ Are you looking for a welcoming environment in which to improve your spoken English?

❓ Are you interested in listening to experts in various fields give short talks about their subjects?

❓ Are you keen to practice your English by discussing questions about the presentations with other participants?

❓ Are you focused on learning and using common everyday phrases unique to Quebec and Canada?

❓ Are you interested in learning about anglophone culture in Quebec and Canada?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have found the ideal place to meet your goals: l’immigrant English Club.

Learning objectives:

🎯 Communicate in English in a clear and confident manner.

🎯 Exchange experiences and knowledge related to living and flourishing in Canada.

🎯 Use appropriate vocabulary and resources to function effectively within Canadian society.

🎯 Better understand the essence of the anglophone community, including cultural aspects, history and political structures

🎯 Make new contacts; develop a network.

Our learners are:

  • Recent arrivals in Quebec with an intermediate or higher-level command of English (level will be assessed before the first meeting).
  • Anyone living in Canada wishing to improve their spoken English.

Block 1 

  • Ice-break 
  • Presentation by a guest speaker, expert in their area
  • Small group conversation
  • Large group conversation 
  • 5 minute break

Block 2

  • Presentation of Canadian or North-American phrases
  • Anecdote from history
  • Small group conversation
  • Large group conversation
  • 1 min feedback

Note: We are offering the French Club for the Fall 2022 session. Follow our social media to learn about the new English session in 2023.

If you have questions related to payment, please contact us via info@immigrantcanada.org.

We also offer French Language Club, for more information click here.