About Project

The I’MMIGRANT platform provides a space for and about individuals who live outside their native country. It uses storytelling as a means to convey the various vicissitudes of life they have gone through during the immigration process and the adaptation time in Canada. The mission of this community initiative is to inspire and support immigrants at all stages of their integration, create a platform for interactions between individuals and organizations in a safe, open and trustworthy environment.

Our guiding principles: 

Our non-for-profit focuses on educating immigrants and refugees through their involvement and providing services for successful integration and acceptance into a new society. This project centers around community building through care and increased visibility. This initiative tethers to the mission of multiculturalism through establishing unique identities while striving for adaption, change and improvements for successful integration.

Our audience:

The platform is for refugees, expats, international students, economic migrants who are already in Canada or planning their move. It is also for Canadians who want to better understand the newcomers, their neighbours, friends, colleagues, spouses. It is for all those that need help and those who want to help, the go-givers.

Our projects:

  • Storytelling
  • Metamorphosis
  • Video Interviews
  • Expert Advice Series
  • Podcast
  • Montreal through the Eyes of an I’mmigrant
  • The Provinces of Canada


  • English and French Conversational Clubs