Computers for Studies

The UITVM group receives decommissioned computers, refurbishes them and distributes them to newcomers from Ukraine to Montreal.

Many Ukrainian families newly arrived in the Greater Montreal area have difficulty obtaining a decent computer for their studies and to keep in touch with their loved ones in Ukraine. They send us requests through this website for a free computer for education. We currently manage a long waiting list of around a hundred unsatisfied requests. After a year and a half of existence, we have distributed more than 800 computers.

Our UITVM group is made up of volunteers from Ukraine who are IT specialists in Montreal. They participate in workshops where they clean, repair, test and finally distribute ready-to-use desktops and laptops to applicants.

We also offer free preparation of decommissioned computers at donor sites. In addition, we offer a free transport service – from the donor’s premises in the Greater Montreal area to our warehouse located in the Saint-Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church in Montreal’s Rosemont district. We also have friends in the Greater Toronto Area who can pick up the computers on site and deliver them to us free of charge.

Before handing out the computers to new arrivals, we test each one thoroughly and place a 6-month warranty sticker on it.

To apply for a free refurbished PC, please fill up this application on Google Forms.

Щоб подати запит на отримання безкоштовного вживаного комп’ютера, будь ласка заповніть цю анкету на Google Forms.

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