The Story Your Hands Tell

The photo project "The Story Your Hands Tell" aims to reveal the essence of the multinationality of Montreal, as well as to convey the idea of the common humanness, regardless of ethnic and cultural diversity and professional affiliation. The project will feature people from different parts of the world who have settled in our city and brought something of their own, original and unique, and at the same time so familiar to all of us. The photographer of the project is Tetyana Kaganska. The project leader is Tetyana Tsomko. Many thanks to Richard-Max Tremblay for his guidance and support of the project.

Richard-Max Tremblay

Jethro Alcimérone

Fabio Villalba

Ania Morochnik

Tetyana Tsomko

Abeer Ghuneim

Anna Fichman

Sara El Andaloussi

Sanjay Markose

Consuelo Carranza

James D. Roumeliotis

Mercedes Font

Marina Negrivoda

Masako Miyazaki

Netta Kivistö

Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein

Muni Amuli

Ihmayed Ali

Myraï Lavoie

Juan Carlos Tanori

Michelle Camara

Mancy et Farzaneh Rezaei