Cultural Tandem

The new Cultural Tandem project is I’mmigrant’s visionary initiative to foster intergenerational ties while facilitating the integration of newcomers into Quebec society. The project pairs newcomers with retirees for weekly two-hour meetings. During these sessions, new arrivals have the opportunity to learn about Quebec’s culture, history and French language directly from seniors.

The aim of the Cultural Tandem program is twofold: firstly, to speed up the integration process for newcomers by providing them with valuable information about the Quebec way of life, language and cultural nuances. By engaging with senior mentors who possess a wealth of experience and cultural knowledge, newcomers will be able to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of their new country.

Secondly, Cultural Tandem aims to solve the growing issue of social isolation experienced by seniors living in retirement homes or living alone at home. By participating in meaningful interactions with learners, mentors can experience a sense of usefulness, companionship and recognition. This will foster a mutually beneficial exchange in which both parties feel valued and connected to their community.

To encourage the participation of retirement homes, Cultural Tandem offers various benefits such as recognition within the community and the opportunity to contribute to social cohesion and cultural exchange. By emphasizing the positive effect of the program on both newcomers and retirees, the program helps to strengthen social cohesion and cultural exchange.

To apply please fill up this application on Google Forms.