Immigration Process and Your Assumptions

Immigration Process and Your Assumptions
Anastasiia Zakharchuk

Immigration is a tricky process which requires preparation and readiness to the unforeseen. As an immigration expert with 10 years of experience working with people seeking to work, study or permanently reside in Canada, I can tell you with assurance that if you want to immigrate to Canada, you need to:

📄 Get your papers ready and up to date. Immigration loves bureaucracy, even simplified.
📄 Do not postpone or delay the process, one completed step brings you to the next one.
📄 Follow instructions of your immigration consultant or advisor, or the steps described on the IRCC website by letter.
📄 Use the service of immigration professionals with a good reputation and real clients, whom you can talk to and get their testimonials about the service.
📄 Do not assume but check and double check. Any discrepancy in the information you provide or one document missing can cost you time and money.
📄 Be diligent and honest with yourself – do you really want this? Do you have a valid reason worth trying? – and your advisor or consultant. They cannot help you if they do not know important information.

Immigration process causes emotional distress as well. When you feel that you cannot cope with it on your own, I strongly advise those who are going through cultural shock, cognitive dissonance, frustration with yourself and people around you or the situation you are in, seek help from psychologists or therapists who can give you strategies and tactics on how to get through. Or find someone who you can trust and open up to share your feelings and thoughts.

Canada is the country of immigrants and for immigrants, the most important is to find the necessary resources to get over the difficulties and to thrive.