You Need to Find a Mentor!

You Need to Find a Mentor!
Inna Tuka

How often have you (as an immigrant) heard this advice?

The problem is that the word “mentor” often becomes a “bucket” for three very different roles, and nobody bothers to explain to the newly landed internationally educated professionals that these roles can rarely be combined into one person. As a result, “mentorship relations” that you have strived so hard for, end up failing.

Well, that person was a bad Mentor…

Well, that person was not a good Mentee…

Truth is though, that if you want to become successful in a new country professionally, it’s your responsibility to find the right people and leverage your relationship with them in the right way.

So, let’s get clear.

>A coach talks to you

>Mentor talks with you

>Sponsor talks about you

Read more about distinctive differences of these roles on our website (search for the blog post “Mentor, Sponsor or Coach?”) and self-reflect.

· What challenges have you been facing on your career development path?

· Do you need a mentor, sponsor, or coach? Two of them? Or all three? And in what domain?

· Who already plays the role of mentor/sponsor/coach in your professional development life?

· Do you leverage your relationship with this person in the right way?

· Who can be a good person to step into that position?

· Who can connect you with the right person?

Then act.

Remember – doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Be mindful of the energy that you spend and never stop learning.

We are here to help.

Inna Tuka