Vira Post language: English

My name is Vira. I was born in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. That’s where I spent the first thirty years of my life. In 2015, we immigrated to Montreal, Quebec. We brought with us our best hopes, immigrant fears and our cat.

Right after school in Ukraine I chose to be an interpreter. It was a choice of laziness and despair at the same time: on the one hand I was always comfortable with languages, on the other hand I had to choose something reliable, with which I would be sure to be able to earn a living. I didn’t have the chance to work as an interpreter; I wasn’t happy with the written translations. So I had to master the profession of a teacher. After all, I enjoyed teaching very much. However, this was not what I wanted to do in life.

Canada gave me the opportunity to study and make a living in the profession I always dreamed of. That’s how I became the interior designer.