Wilson Post language: English

Hi! My name is Wilson Apolon. I am from Bogota, Colombia. I was always good with numbers, so I graduated from the University accounting program in my home city. Furthermore, I have been working for quite a while as an accountant in Colombia. I loved my job, especially the software aspect of it. In general, I loved computers and the technical stuff.

A few years after my graduation, our young family moved to Canada. Here my accounting diploma had no value. I would have to restart my studying from zero and basically learn the same thing. I did not want that 🙂

I thought, let’s try a new profession! Thus, I decided to become a Java programmer.

My first semester went well. At the end of the second semester, I failed the C++ 1 course. I did not give up. I came back a year after and passed my C++1 class successfully. Next semester I had C++2… and I failed it.

You can imagine my frustration! But I had a very nice teacher who told me: “Wilson, maybe, it is just not yours? What is your passion?”. This was the key question for me. I started to think about it and realized that I really did not want to be a programmer. I was always fascinated by Interior Design, especially commercial and office spaces.

That’s how I became an interior designer. Three years of studying passed quickly. Now I am working in a company who is the leader in Office design and Interior Construction. I am living a dream! That’s exactly what I wanted to do.