Interview with Saloua Ibaline

Saloua is an established entrepreneurship coach and author, and she runs multiple small businesses. She works primarily with driven, creative people to help them start and scale the business they’ve always dreamed of. 

She understands firsthand the difficulties of starting and growing a business as an immigrant in the United States because She emigrated to New York City by herself at 20 years old. Alone with neither money nor connections, she worked her way up from nothing. She doesn't believe in excuses and has a very optimistic yet realistic view of how things can be accomplished.

Saloua recently published a book featuring the stories of  27 intrepid women who dared to follow their entrepreneurial dreams in the United States of America, this collection of stories is meant to entertain, educate, and inspire both new and native-born Americans, by highlighting the struggles and success of women who came to this country to improve themselves, their community, and their new nation.