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When we think about the birds, perhaps the first thing that comes to our minds is that they are fragile. However, the main characteristic of the birds is that they fly and that they migrate. Migration not only strengthens their generation but is in fact the secret of their survival.

The story of my immigration did not form 6 years ago, it started when I was a child. The story of leaving, discovering, peeling, and integrity. It was not easy to leave the beautiful “Fertile Crescent” and my beautiful country – a country with its all-natural resources, with its different climates in all four seasons of the year, with all its mountains and deserts, wherein you can travel to the beginning of the time under its night sky, with all its forests and seas, with its beautiful indigo the Persian Gulf and its silver coastline – which has always been the target and battlefield of different invaders throughout the history.

Nevertheless, mankind is never satisfied. Mankind always wants more and more. More freedom, more security, more opportunities. The greed for discovering new territories are in human essence.

Immigration is severe pain with its closest grade to death without any remedy, any prescription UNLESS you have dreams, you crave for things to discover. Indeed, Canada was the place for my dreams to come true for which I am grateful.

Our Prophet says “Die before you die” and Jesus says “Whoever is not born twice will not enter the kingdom of heaven”.

We must discover and fight and must be SKINNED and REBORN.