Marouane Story author: Marouane Story language: English

I am a multicultural and multilingual person who was born in Tunisia and lived in several countries. I spent half my life outside of my motherland. An engineer by training, I studied political science, anthropology and film making. I chose art to share my individual, collective and ancestral experiences. I think one single body could be submerged and overwhelmed with the dynamics of relationship to the self, to the others and to the process that sometimes leads to the balance of their identities and sometimes to their conflict.

I am also a team coach, I help various organizations to establish a culture of learning to enable self-organizing teams.

In my opinion, a possible answer to the local and international crisis of living together is to consider all aspects of the reality including the historical, political, anthropological and psychological ones using storytelling.

I’m sharing now my story via my film Exile ( that explores migration, dependency, identity and otherness within the community. This documentary was screened at multiple film festivals (Vues d’Afrique Montréal 2017, Med Film Rome 2017, Cinématographiques de Carthage Journées 2017) and educational institutions.