BE YOU! Everyone else is taken!

BE YOU! Everyone else is taken!
Dave Walker

Mondays (and every other day of the week, for that matter) used to SUCK! for me.

Bottom line. I was not being true to me.

And by me, I mean the unique and authentic me.

I was trying so hard to fit into the society and people around me, that I lost track of WHO I was.

I actually got to the point where I thought that I was someone that I was not,

and started acting like that someone that I am not.

Talk about not being comfortable in one’s own shoes. 

And I was raised in Montreal.

I can’t imagine the pressure to fit in for someone who has immigrated here from another Country.

The temptation to leave so much of WHO YOU are behind in order to fit in must be enormous.

For this article, I have been tasked, wearing my Life Coaching hat,

to provide you with one piece of unsolicited advice.

But, before I do, there is one other thought that I want to share with you.

In hindsight, it turns out that I was the one who was putting most of the pressure on me to fit in.

I now realize that I owned most of the decisions that I made.

I did not have a gun pointed at my head with someone holding the trigger and telling me to fit in.

I leave that thought with you. More like a concept.

Remember. You own most of the decisions that you make in your life.

I recently wrote a book about my journey to self awareness in which I describe how I first ended up losing myself and then finding myself again.

Aptly named MONDAYS don’t have to SUCK!

Every time I sign a copy, I always write down the following three messages.

BE YOU! (i.e. the Unique, Authentic and True YOU)

Take Care of YOU! (emotionally, mentally, and physically – you cannot separate the three)


Play to your YOU!

What do I mean by “Play to your YOU”?

Here are a few examples:

Play to your Strengths! (Do YOU know what your Top 5 Strengths are? Are YOU leveraging them?)

Play to your Communication Style! (Do YOU know your Primary Communication style? Those of the people who are closest to YOU?)

Play to your Personality! (Do YOU know your Personality type? Those of the people closest to YOU?)

Play to your leadership style! (Do YOU know your Leadership Style? Are YOU leading with it?)

Play to your Love Language! (Do you know YOUR Primary Love Language? Those of YOUR loves ones?)


And while you are at it:

Are YOU honouring your culture by sharing it with others?

Are YOU honouring your history by sharing it with others?

Are YOU honouring your customs by sharing them with others?

Your uniqueness is a gift that allows you to help expand the lenses and wisdom of others! 😊

But, only if you share that gift with those others.

So, how do you play to YOUR YOU?

Firstly, it helps to know WHO YOU are.

Sometimes, that takes time and effort and self-reflection in order to re-connect with yourself after trying so hard to fit in and adapt to others.

Secondly, it takes courage and conviction and determination to find your fit and to enjoy it, as opposed to using your energy trying to fit in.

I will give you an example of someone from my network who has found a way to share a bit more of WHO he is and where he is from.

And, I might add, in a very colorful way!

His name is Diogène Ntirandekura.

He is from Burundi.

Go take a look at his picture on LinkedIn and/or Facebook.

No suit and tie like most of the people in the pictures.

He is wearing the clothing and bright colours that are more reflective of his culture.

I love the way his smile comes across.

He looks so proud.

Kudos to him for sharing a picture of him that is more reflective of him and who he is!

So, finally, what is my one piece of unsolicited advice?

Actually, there are three pieces:




And don’t forget.

In the end, that is up to YOU!

And here are a few parting questions for you to ask yourself?

Are you being the Authentic YOU?

Are you playing to YOUR you?

Are you taking good care of YOU? (FYI. It is hard to be you and play to your if you do not have the energy to do so)

So! What about YOU!

Do you have a story about finding one’s fit to share with us?

Please share via the comment box

I love reading the stories of others!

To encourage you and others to share their stories.

I will select and GIFT a signed copy of my book and a 45-minute Coaching Session to one of the people who decides to share a story with us.

So go ahead, share away!

Thank YOU!

Enjoy being YOU!



Dave Walker