Limiting Beliefs and traumas

Limiting Beliefs and traumas
Elena Borshulova
MA in Psychology
Certificates: couching, Erikson's hypnoses, NLP, practical psychology

This article might catch the interest of people who are stuck between routine and unfulfilled ambitions, with underestimated talents and lost resources.

The roots of unrealized dreams and goals go deep into limiting beliefs. If I say to myself “I am not good enough to be rich”, “I have to work like a mule to get money”, “I don’t deserve to be loved”, “I don’t deserve to be healthy”, “Losing weight is the biggest battle of my life”, it is probably high time to realize I need to work on myself or find a specialist so that I could function at 100 % of my abilities through getting rid of my limiting beliefs. However, the point is that only by processing those beliefs, it is not possible to remediate the situation. In most cases, behind limiting beliefs are hidden unresolved family conflicts, systems, wars, genetically inherited devastating programs associated with schemes to be identified and resolved as they transfer our energy into the past and prevent us from living a healthy and happy life.

The traumas of our parents should not affect our lives, and they should be processed. We just need to take successful and positive programs, talents, and the energy of love to go forward with a strong back and support from their side.

Sometimes a person craving for change decides to leave their homeland to seek wellbeing in another country. Changing location is not always the best solution as it gives rise to manifestation of hidden traumas. For this reason, it is recommended for immigrants to process limiting beliefs and traumas associated with their country of origin, family, genetics and past with the use of quantum psychology and other methods.

If a person becomes aware of their skills and talents, it’s possible to make good use of them. Limiting beliefs restrict our development by forming a vicious circle involving both our parents with their limiting patterns and society.

But the truth is that it is in your hands to make changes to your life; even now while reading this article, you can set your goal and process the obstacles that prevent you from realizing them.